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pron. (Simp=我们)we, us, ourselves​ ពួកយើង


我們沒死!我們沒死! We're not dead. We're not dead. ពួកយើង​មិនទាន់ស្លាប់ៗ!!

說了他們就會放過我們 If I tell her, they'll leave us in peace. និយាយទៅ!ពួកគេអាចលើកលែងឲ្យពួកយើង

不用教他們刀搏,教他們殺人 Don't you teach them knife fighting. Teach them to kill.

你們好嗎?孩子們 How do you do, children?

我去叫醒他們,你們稍候 I'll wake them. You wait here.

你們死了就請放過我們 If you're dead, leave us in peace!

有時我們會感覺到他們 Now, sometimes we'll sense them.

他們對我們很好 Oh, they were always very kind to us.