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This page attempts to show all language codes (including dialect and family codes) used in Etymologies. It combines the auto-generated list of language codes and names from Wiktionary:Index to templates/languages with the dialect and language family code exceptions from Wiktionary:Language codes (this is a temporary substitute until an auto-generated list of templates in the "etyl:" namespace can be done, it is incomplete as the standard ISO 639-5 codes are not show).

Plain language templates[កែប្រែ]

Language templates follow the ISO language code name.

These "straight" language templates are for use inside ====Translations==== tables, and consequently should not add the calling article to the corresponding language category.

They are also used by various structure templates to obtain the language name, e.g. the {{wikipedia}} template.

For entering etymologies in the ===Etymology=== sections of articles the Etymology Language templates should be used instead. They are listed on Wiktionary:Etymology#Etymology language templates

The template codes are from ISO 639-1 (two letter codes) and ISO 639-3 (3 letter codes). Where a language has both, the use of the two-letter code is preferred. See WT:LANGCODE for more details.

Everything below the horizontal rule is written by 'bot.

Etymology only templates[កែប្រែ]

This list includes templates for language varieties (regional and temporal dialects) as well as language families. They should only be used in etymologies with {{etyl}}.

Current as of 2011-08-11:

Code Name Alternative Code Alternative Names
American English American English AE.
Anglo-Frisian Anglo-Frisian AFr.
Austrian German Austrian German AG.
Ecclesiastical Latin Ecclesiastical Latin EL.
Koine Koine
Late Latin Late Latin LL, LL.
Medieval Latin Medieval Latin ML, ML.
New Latin New Latin NL.
Old Latin Old Latin OL.
Old Northern French Old Northern French ONF., Old North French
Sha. Shanghainese
Viennese German Viennese German VG.
Vulgar Latin Vulgar Latin VL.
aav Austro-Asiatic languages
afa Afro-Asiatic languages
alg Algonquian languages
alv Atlantic-Congo languages
alv-kwa Kwa languages
alv-wat Atlantic languages Atlantic, West Atlantic
apa Apachean languages
apa-ath Athabaskan
apa-noa Northern Athabaskan
apa-pca Pacific Coast Athabaskan
apa-soa Southern Athabaskan
aqa Alacalufan languages
aql Algic languages Algic, Algonquian-Ritwan, Algonquian-Wiyot-Yurok
art constructed artificial, constructed, planned
ath Athabaskan languages
ath-nor North Athabaskan languages
ath-pco Pacific Coast Athabaskan languages
auf Arauan languages Arahuan, Arauan, Arauán, Arawa, Arawan, Arawán
aus Australian Aboriginal languages
aus-bub Bunuban languages Bunaban, Bunuban
aus-dal Daly
aus-dyb Dyirbalic
aus-gun Gunwinyguan Gunwingguan, Gunwinyguan
aus-kar Karnic
aus-nep Northeast Pama-Nyungan Northeast Pama-Nyungan, Pama-Maric
aus-nga Ngayarda
aus-pam Pama-Nyungan languages
aus-psw Southwest Pama-Nyungan languages
aus-yid Yidinyic
aus-yuk Yuin-Kuric
awd Arawakan languages
awd-gua Guahiban languages Guahiban, Guahiboan, Guajiboan, Wahívoan
awd-mai [[]] Arahuacan, Arawakan, Maipuran, Maipuran Arawakan, Maipúre, Maipurean, Maipureano
azc Uto-Aztecan languages
azc-nah Nahuan languages
bad Banda languages
bai Bamileke languages
bat Baltic languages
ber Berber languages Berber, Tamazight
bnt Bantu languages
btk Batak languages
cai Central American Indian languages
cau Caucasian languages
cau-nec Northeast Caucasian languages
cau-nwc Northwest Caucasian languages
cba Chibchan languages
ccn North Caucasian languages
ccs Kartvelian languages Kartvelian, South Caucasian
cdc Chadic languages
cdd Caddoan languages
cel Celtic languages
cel-bry Brythonic languages
cel-gae Goidelic languages
cmc Chamic languages
crp creole or pidgin languages
csu Central Sudanic languages
cus Cushitic languages
day Land Dayak languages
dmn Mande languages
dra Dravidian languages
egx Egyptian languages
el-GR Modern Greek
ell Modern Greek
euq Vasconic languages
fiu Finno-Ugric languages Finno-Ugrian, Finno-Ugric
fiu-fin Finnic languages
fox Formosan languages
fr-CA Canadian French
gem Germanic languages
gme East Germanic languages
gmq North Germanic languages
gmw West Germanic languages
gmw-fri Frisian
gmw-hge High German
gmw-lge Low German
grk Hellenic languages Greek, Hellenic
hbo Classical Hebrew
he-IL Modern Israeli Hebrew
hmx Hmong-Mien languages Hmong-Mien, Miao-Yao
hok Hokan languages
hyx Armenian languages
iir Indo-Iranian languages
iir-dar Dardic languages
ijo Ijo languages
inc Indo-Aryan languages Indic, Indo-Aryan
ine Indo-European languages Indo-European, Indo-Germanic
ine-ana Anatolian languages
ine-toc Tocharian languages Tocharian, Tokharian
ira Iranian languages
iro Iroquoian languages
itc Italic languages
jpx Japonic languages Japanese, Japanese-Ryukyuan, Japonic
kar Karen languages
kdo Kordofanian languages
khi Khoisan languages Khoesaan, Khoesan, Khoisan
kro Kru languages
map Austronesian languages
mkh Mon-Khmer languages
mno Manobo languages
mun Munda languages
myn Mayan languages
nai North American Indian languages
nai-chu Chumashan languages
nai-miz Mixe-Zoquean languages
nai-pom Pomoan languages Kulanapan, Pomoan
nai-yuc Yuman-Cochimí languages
ngf Trans-New Guinea languages
nic Niger-Congo languages Niger-Congo, Niger-Kordofanian
nic-bco Benue-Congo languages
nic-gur Gur languages Gur, Voltaic
nub Nubian languages
omq Oto-Manguean languages
omq-mix Mixtecan
omq-zap Zapotecan languages
omv Omotic languages
oto Otomian languages
paa Papuan languages
paa-etf Eastern Trans-Fly languages
paa-kag Kainantu-Goroka
paa-msk Macro-Skou
phi Philippine languages
plf Central Malayo-Polynesian languages
pos-hce Halmahera-Cenderawasih languages
poz Malayo-Polynesian languages
poz-bnn North Bornean languages
poz-bop Borneo-Philippines
poz-bre East Barito languages
poz-brw West Barito languages
poz-hce Halmahera-Cenderawasih
poz-mic Micronesian
poz-occ Central-Eastern Oceanic
poz-oce Oceanic languages
poz-ocw Western Oceanic
poz-pol Polynesian languages
poz-sbj Sama-Bajaw languages
poz-sus Sunda-Sulawesi languages
pqe Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages
pqw Western Malayo-Polynesian languages
pra Prakrit languages
pregrc Pre-Greek
prv Provençal Pr.
qfa-ame Amerindian
qfa-ara Araucanian languages
qfa-cka Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages
qfa-hur Hurro-Urartian languages
qfa-iso isolate
qfa-ker Keresan languages
qfa-kor Korean languages
qfa-kta Kiowa-Tanoan languages
qfa-mch Macro-Chibchan
qfa-min Misumalpan languages Misuluan, Misumalpa, Misumalpan
qfa-mix mixed languages
qfa-mus Muskogean languages
qfa-not familyless
qfa-pal Palaihnihan languages
qfa-pat Pano-Tacanan languages Pano-Tacana, Pano-Tacanan, Pano-Takana, Páno-Takána, Pano-Takánan
qfa-sca Siouan-Catawban languages
qfa-sub substrate languages
qfa-tak Tai-Kadai languages Daic, Kadai, Kra-Dai, Tai-Kadai
qfa-tor Torricelli languages
qfa-und unclassified
qfa-yen Yeniseian languages Yeniseian, Yeniseic, Yenisei-Ostyak
qfa-you Yok-Utian languages
qfa-yuk Yukaghir languages Jukagir, Yukaghir, Yukagir
qfa-zap Zaparoan languages
qwe Quechuan languages
roa Romance languages Latin, Neolatin, Neo-Latin, Romance, Romanic
roa-oit Old Italian
sai South American Indian languages
sai-car Cariban languages
sai-gua Guaicuruan Guaicurú, Guaicuruan, Guaycuruana, Guaikurú, Guaycuruano, Guaykuruan, Waikurúan
sai-jee Jê languages , Gean, , Jean, Jê-Kaingang, Ye
sai-jio Jibaroan Hívaro, Jibaro, Jibaroan, Jibaroana, Jívaro, Jivaroan
sai-mje Macro-Gê Macro-Gê, Macro-Jê
sai-mur Muran languages
sal Salishan languages
sdv Eastern Sudanic languages
sem Semitic languages
sem-ara Aramaic languages
sem-arb Arabic languages
sem-can Canaanite languages
sem-cen Central Semitic languages
sem-eas East Semitic languages
sem-eth Ethiopian Semitic languages Afro-Semitic, Ethiopian, Ethiopian Semitic, Ethiopic, Ethiosemitic
sem-jar Jewish Aramaic
sem-nwe Northwest Semitic languages
sem-osa Old South Arabian Epigraphic South Arabian, Old South Arabian, Sayhadic
sem-sar South Arabian languages Modern South Arabian, South Arabian
sem-sou South Semitic languages
sem-wes West Semitic languages
sgn sign
sio Siouan languages
sit Sino-Tibetan languages
sla Slavic languages Slavic, Slavonic
smi Sami languages
son Songhai languages
sqj Albanian languages
ssa Nilo-Saharan languages
syd Samoyedic languages
tai Tai languages
tbq Tibeto-Burman languages
tmr Jewish Babylonian Aramaic
trk Turkic languages
tup Tupian languages Tupi, Tupian
tut Altaic languages
tuw Tungusic languages Manchu-Tungus, Tungus, Tungusic
urj Uralic languages
wak Wakashan languages
wen Sorbian languages
xcg Cisalpine Gaulish
xgn Mongolic languages Mongolian, Mongolic
xnd Na-Dene languages
xtg Transalpine Gaulish
zhx Sinitic languages Chinese, Sinitic
zle East Slavic languages
zls South Slavic languages
zlw West Slavic languages
znd Zande languages